Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ladies in Waiting...

Image by the69th

We ALL have those days, weeks, months and sometimes even years when absolutely nothing goes our way...
It can literally stop you in your tracks..
at some point..
you might want to throw in the towel..
call it a day..
drown your sorrows in ice cream..
my personal favorite..
hide under the covers..

I've had 3 weeks of this..
I am partial to blame..
I come up with these crazy ideas for my clients and it's up to me to actually produce them..
Yes, failure is part of the creative process..
in this particular instance..
I am thinking the universe had other plans for me..

I am not a quitter..
In fact..
I am so stubborn that
sometimes I need to just give up once in awhile...
Just ask the Tall One..

I can't help it..
It's the lioness in me..

So I choose to persevere..
I'm not saying that I didn't throw anything 
pull a few strands of hair out..
I just won't give up..

This morning was no exception..
rainy, blustery, damp day that it was..
got into my bones and a little voice said..
give up..
give up...
but then I walked Mr. G around the yard for our billionth time..
what did I see??
Images by Chocolate Creative Design

I saw my Ladies...
Lady Rose,
Lady Geranium,
Lady Snapdragon,
Lady Phlox,
Lady Verbena
Lady Impatiens
all smiling at me..
All whispering..
Don't Give Up..
Don't Give Up...

How could I not be inspired...
Mid November and THEY are persevering...
I choose to..

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  1. Horray for perseverance–and a stiff drink at the end of a long week!