Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

Glitter me a Hurricane!

The wind is whipping and the trees are dancing.....
we are not gonna let a little hurricane dampen our

The giveaway ends at 3:00 p.m. today
and since some of my town is already are out of power,
it's only a matter of time for us...
The winner will be announced as soon as the power comes back on..

Cross your fingers that maybe..  
just maybe we might weather this storm with our power in tact!!

Stay safe my East Coasters!!


a little glitter to start your week......

If only I lived near a World Market, I'd pick these beauties up for Halloween...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!

 Image via Kohler

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

It seems like yesterday that I was filling up our bathtub in preparation for Hurricane Irene.... 

You see..
this is what happens when you have well water and the electricity goes out..
NO water!!

This time however..
I think I'll fill up all 3 tubs!! 

I am hoping that everyone along the Eastern Seaboard will be safe and sound and that Sandy will be kind and gentle..

More importantly...
that Cl&P will get their act together this time and
make sure that Halloween 2012 will not be cancelled!!

A girl can dream can't she?!

Be Safe, Carve a Pumpkin and Have a Great Weekend!!!

Glitter Giveaway...3 more days!!

Image by Anna Sawin Photography and Chocolate Creative Design

Just a  little heads up...
Only 3 more days till the end of the Glitter Giveaway!!!

Now if you are having trouble making a comment on the blog..
You can email me at 


Good Luck Everyone!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Catch of the Day...

Image by Luke Brookes

Last Friday night on the Connecticut Shoreline...
the sea was a swelling and a storm was a brewing...
2 brave fisherman, the Tall One and his Dad, "Grand",
decided to brave it and head out by boat in their quest to 
catch the winning fish for the Annual Wesson Family Fishing Tournament.

At 10:30 at night, the Tall One was a bit hesitant..
Adventure Seeker "Grand" pushed onward and yelled "bring the boy!"
The Monster being a mere 2 steps away from being dressed in his cozy pj's, grabbed his rod and the trio set off for the dock.

In the darkest of nights and not a star in the sky, 
3 generations of Wesson men waited patiently for the first bite...
They waited...and waited... and waited...

there was a bite...
a rather BIG bite..
The Monster carefully with all his might...
reeled her in..

Flashlights and a tape measure came whirling out...
Could it be a keeper?
 Image by Gay Wesson

37 inches my friends!!

 But as my Great Aunt always said,
"one cannot keep a fish unless you know how to clean it"
 Image by Gay Wesson

So that's exactly what he did...

A day and a night went by and no other fisherman had caught a mightier fish...

So with the help of a magic chef, Cousin Dave, they honored the fish in a glorious feast...
at the Big Table..
with stories about the one that got away...
and how The Monster battled, caught and won
The Annual Wesson Family Fishing Tournament!
Image by Chocolate Creative Design

 Needless to say..I am one proud Mama..
Yes..he won..
yes..he is the first kid to be on the trophy
it's really about the other lessons learned..

1. You never know until you try.
2. You are never too old or too young to take risks.
3. Family is important.
4. Grandparents can be much more fun than parents.
5. One cannot achieve great success without the help of others. 
6. All our dreams can come true, 
if we have the courage to pursue them. 
-Walt Disney
 So I say HOORAY to my 3 generations of Wesson men, who each won an award...
who also won a moment and a memory that will forever change and better their wonderful lives...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

Glitter Giveaway...

House image by Anna Sawin Photography
Design by Chocolate Creative Design

 Yup..you read it right...
This is first EVER Glitter, Glue and Fireflies blog 
Glitter Giveaway!!!

The Lucky winner will receive his/her own custom Christmas ornament shown exactly like the one designed for Amy and Tim!!

 This is all you have to do...

Post a comment below and magically you have been entered!!
(only comments on blog..Facebook doesn't count)

The giveaway ends at 3:00 p.m. on Monday, October 29th and
The winner will be announced Tuesday, October 30th!!

Good Luck Everyone!!

a little glitter to start your week....

Image by Chocolate Creative Design

This is a little story about a Glittery Gorgeous Couple, a Thoughtful and Loving Mother and a Crazy Artist.

Here is the Glittery Gorgeous Couple..
who got married on a magical Island on 9/17/11
and had asked a crazy artist...
To create a few items for their Big Day...

Fast forward to 3/19/12....
The Crazy Artist received an email from the Bride's very Thoughtful and Loving Mother to commission a surprise 1st Anniversary Christmas ornament.

The artist jumped for joy because she thought it was a wonderful idea and she always LOVES a good challenge...

Well...challenge it was...
The artist took the entire Spring and Summer to think...
and think...and think..
She thought so much that I believe smoke came out of her ears...

 she sketched something out and sent it to the very Thoughtful and Loving Mother...

The Crazy Artist glued and glittered to her hearts content and last Wednesday she carefully wrapped it up, sent it to the very Thoughtful and Loving Mother who was going to surprise the Glittery Gorgeous Couple this past Saturday.

 This is what the Glittery Gorgeous Couple found when they opened the glittery box...
They found their magical Island...
The tree where they got married..
 and the tent where they danced the night away...

But wait...
there's more...
because they don't call her a Crazy Artist for nothing...
 It lights up!!!

The Crazy Artist is ever so grateful and thankful to the very Thoughtful and Loving Mother for trusting her and giving her the most wonderful of creative challenges.

The Crazy Artist is also so wonderfully happy that not only did she become part of the Glittery Gorgeous Couples Big Day but now she gets to be a part of the their future Christmases...

Stay Tuned..
The story is not over yet...
Check back at 1:00 today for a glittery surprise!!

Huge shout-out to Miss Anna Sawin who has been following the Glittery Gorgeous Couple since the beginning and who beautifully captured every step of their way on film..

All images by Anna Sawin Photography

Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!

 Image via weheartit

Happy Weekend Everyone!!! 

It's ON...
It's the official start to  
The Wesson's Annual Fishing Tournament!!
The Tall One is polishing up his rods, getting his eel bucket cleaned and has already made one trip to the Island to drop of probably a 1/4 of his gear...
(the rest my friends...is ALL over the house)

The Monster will be coming home soon and is DETERMINED to bring home the kid's trophy because last year, his cousin, the lovely Miss C took home the trophy AND the glory...

After watching the documentary, Ethel on HBO last night...
it so reminded me of this wonderfully large family that I have married into...
Competition, naughtiness, the desire to spend time together and to really really laugh is what it's all about..

So hopefully..
My Boys will catch a few..
Image via UpNorth Memories

maybe even win....

But most importantly...
They will be sharing some of this...
Image via she simmers
at the big table, with a few stories of the one that got away, laughing, teasing..

Be Safe, Call a Cousin and Have a Great Weekend!!

ps. HUGE HUGE glittery surprise for all my loyal readers Monday Afternoon...
Stay tuned!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Amber Waves of Grain....

I have it on the brain..
Maybe it's because it reminds me of the sparkliest couple I know, Erin and Dan, who just so happen to be celebrating their 2 year anniversary this weekend...

Wheat was a HUGE inspiration in the design of their Save the Date, Invitation, and Decor at their wedding..
 All images by Anna Sawin Photography
Paper by Chocolate Creative Design

and since then...
 I have seen it popping up everywhere!!

So this year...
I think I will  need to add it to my Fall decor...

and I am VERY determined this weekend to make a wreath for our door..

Obviously Coco was inspired as she had THE most fabulous wheat table in her Paris apartment...
Which in turn inspired the Chanel team to create this Wheat Brooch for their 2010 jewelry line...

Let's not forget Candace Bushnell's superdelicious wheat sconces in her Manhattan apartment and in the March 2010 issue of 
Images: Lonny and Elle Decor

 So maybe..
just maybe.. 
a few items might inspire you too...
1. Wheat Ball at Jamali
2. Wheat Table at Ebay
3. Wheat Sconces at Savvy Flair
4. Vintage Wheat Dress at Lola and Black
5. Wheat Napkin Ring at Pier 1
6. Wheat Bundle at Jamali
7. Wheat Bundle at Jamali
8. Wheat Sconces at Finding Me Vintage

Huge Hugs to Amy & Tim whose wedding invitation artwork I used above and who have just celebrated their 1 year Anniversary!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

a little glitter to start your week.....

This coming weekend marks the Wesson men's
Annual Fishing Tournament!!
The Eddy Tableware Set from Zara Home would be perfect for the winning catch!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Image found via just ruben

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Bundle up New Englanders...
Tonight is gonna be a doosey!!
They say it will make it ALL the way down to the 30's!!
The Tall One has had grandiose dreams in that we won't be turning our heat on until Thanksgiving..
But guess what folks..
I have already turned it on!!

Take out those woolies, light up a fire, snuggle with the ones you love and whip up some hot chocolate!!

The Monster and I will be pumpkin hunting this weekend so perhaps we may have some crafty goodies to show you!!

Be Safe, Pick a Pumpkin and Have a Great Weekend!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Time has Come....

Image via Anna Sawin

Over the past several months, my dear friend Anna Sawin
(you know..that fabulous photographer extraordinaire)
has been bugging the heck out of me...
Why you ask?
Well...she wants to either take our family portrait or at least one of me and The Monster...
Sounds great right??
Well..not exactly because honestly I'm not feeling too great these days...
In fact this is exactly what I feel like..

 So I have been making excuses after excuses to get her to stop bugging me...

Back track to this summer, Miss Sawin introduced me to another photographer extraordinaire, Miss Nicki Griffith...
We met in hopes to work together on a little project for her business.
What happened...
was purely magical...
In a mere 20 minutes we were gabbing and laughing like we had been friends our whole lives..
Nicki is one of the warmest, sincerest and funniest women I have ever met.
Her laugh is contagious and it is obvious when you meet her why she is such a great photographer..
She makes you feel comfortable and special..
That is a true gift..

Over the past month, Nicki has been putting her gifts to use while helping out a dear friend.
She wrote a post about it on her blog yesterday..
So before you read anymore of my post..

Did you read it? 

I did...
I cried..
I emailed Anna Sawin, who just so happened to have the last image taken of The Monster and I, which was exactly a year ago..

I pulled up my big girl britches and am now challenging my dear friend, Anna Sawin to bring it on...

There may be a few layers of spanx...
It is important...

To quote the lovely Miss Nicki...
"it is important to capture those moments..
to roll around in the grass with your kids..
because you can" 

Huge hugs to Nicki, Michele and to that wonderful pain in the neck..
Anna Sawin.