Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!

Image found via Ruffled Blog
Photography: Jaclyn Davis

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

It's been a slow moving week in my neck of the woods as I have been battling a very persistent and rather annoying cold.
Being sick as you get older definitely is a drag...
Thankfully the weather has been super deliciously delightful today...and Saturday seems to be the last HURRAH before we get a serious cold snap and things start to feel a little bit more like Fall.

Isn't that floral arrangement above to die for??
Thumbs up for Lemon Blossom Designs!!

Today when the Monster gets off the bus...
We shall be cutting away in our garden for the last of our blooms before the potential frost hits..
This way we can bring the last of Summer into our home as we sit snuggled up by the fire..

Be Safe, Pick some Dahlias and Have a Great Weekend!!!!

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  1. Say it ain't so, Ms. Wesson? Ain't 'ya heard of Indian Summer? Not ready for the cold. Feel better! And always, thanks for sharing your loveliness. bp