Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Time has Come....

Image via Anna Sawin

Over the past several months, my dear friend Anna Sawin
(you know..that fabulous photographer extraordinaire)
has been bugging the heck out of me...
Why you ask?
Well...she wants to either take our family portrait or at least one of me and The Monster...
Sounds great right??
Well..not exactly because honestly I'm not feeling too great these days...
In fact this is exactly what I feel like..

 So I have been making excuses after excuses to get her to stop bugging me...

Back track to this summer, Miss Sawin introduced me to another photographer extraordinaire, Miss Nicki Griffith...
We met in hopes to work together on a little project for her business.
What happened...
was purely magical...
In a mere 20 minutes we were gabbing and laughing like we had been friends our whole lives..
Nicki is one of the warmest, sincerest and funniest women I have ever met.
Her laugh is contagious and it is obvious when you meet her why she is such a great photographer..
She makes you feel comfortable and special..
That is a true gift..

Over the past month, Nicki has been putting her gifts to use while helping out a dear friend.
She wrote a post about it on her blog yesterday..
So before you read anymore of my post..

Did you read it? 

I did...
I cried..
I emailed Anna Sawin, who just so happened to have the last image taken of The Monster and I, which was exactly a year ago..

I pulled up my big girl britches and am now challenging my dear friend, Anna Sawin to bring it on...

There may be a few layers of spanx...
It is important...

To quote the lovely Miss Nicki...
"it is important to capture those moments..
to roll around in the grass with your kids..
because you can" 

Huge hugs to Nicki, Michele and to that wonderful pain in the neck..
Anna Sawin.


  1. Have you EVER known ME to be speechless? I am now. Crying..and honored. thank you for making a girl feel so great. Huge hug back at you. - Nicki
    PS - that photo is priceless! just beautiful.

  2. GUILTY, all the photos of my young family life are sans MOI!!! Luckily, "Times, they are a changin'"! God bless Michelle and her journey back to many more photos, never alone.

  3. You have made me SO happy. Can't wait. xoxoox