Thursday, October 18, 2012

Amber Waves of Grain....

I have it on the brain..
Maybe it's because it reminds me of the sparkliest couple I know, Erin and Dan, who just so happen to be celebrating their 2 year anniversary this weekend...

Wheat was a HUGE inspiration in the design of their Save the Date, Invitation, and Decor at their wedding..
 All images by Anna Sawin Photography
Paper by Chocolate Creative Design

and since then...
 I have seen it popping up everywhere!!

So this year...
I think I will  need to add it to my Fall decor...

and I am VERY determined this weekend to make a wreath for our door..

Obviously Coco was inspired as she had THE most fabulous wheat table in her Paris apartment...
Which in turn inspired the Chanel team to create this Wheat Brooch for their 2010 jewelry line...

Let's not forget Candace Bushnell's superdelicious wheat sconces in her Manhattan apartment and in the March 2010 issue of 
Images: Lonny and Elle Decor

 So maybe..
just maybe.. 
a few items might inspire you too...
1. Wheat Ball at Jamali
2. Wheat Table at Ebay
3. Wheat Sconces at Savvy Flair
4. Vintage Wheat Dress at Lola and Black
5. Wheat Napkin Ring at Pier 1
6. Wheat Bundle at Jamali
7. Wheat Bundle at Jamali
8. Wheat Sconces at Finding Me Vintage

Huge Hugs to Amy & Tim whose wedding invitation artwork I used above and who have just celebrated their 1 year Anniversary!!


  1. Love it! our sparkle girl and her wheat!

  2. These images are really gorgeous!! We're using pine cones as decorations at our wedding that have been gathered from my grandparents' farm, but I hadn't even considered incorporating wheat... but now!! Thanks for the inspiration =)