Thursday, October 25, 2012

Catch of the Day...

Image by Luke Brookes

Last Friday night on the Connecticut Shoreline...
the sea was a swelling and a storm was a brewing...
2 brave fisherman, the Tall One and his Dad, "Grand",
decided to brave it and head out by boat in their quest to 
catch the winning fish for the Annual Wesson Family Fishing Tournament.

At 10:30 at night, the Tall One was a bit hesitant..
Adventure Seeker "Grand" pushed onward and yelled "bring the boy!"
The Monster being a mere 2 steps away from being dressed in his cozy pj's, grabbed his rod and the trio set off for the dock.

In the darkest of nights and not a star in the sky, 
3 generations of Wesson men waited patiently for the first bite...
They waited...and waited... and waited...

there was a bite...
a rather BIG bite..
The Monster carefully with all his might...
reeled her in..

Flashlights and a tape measure came whirling out...
Could it be a keeper?
 Image by Gay Wesson

37 inches my friends!!

 But as my Great Aunt always said,
"one cannot keep a fish unless you know how to clean it"
 Image by Gay Wesson

So that's exactly what he did...

A day and a night went by and no other fisherman had caught a mightier fish...

So with the help of a magic chef, Cousin Dave, they honored the fish in a glorious feast...
at the Big Table..
with stories about the one that got away...
and how The Monster battled, caught and won
The Annual Wesson Family Fishing Tournament!
Image by Chocolate Creative Design

 Needless to say..I am one proud Mama..
Yes..he won..
yes..he is the first kid to be on the trophy
it's really about the other lessons learned..

1. You never know until you try.
2. You are never too old or too young to take risks.
3. Family is important.
4. Grandparents can be much more fun than parents.
5. One cannot achieve great success without the help of others. 
6. All our dreams can come true, 
if we have the courage to pursue them. 
-Walt Disney
 So I say HOORAY to my 3 generations of Wesson men, who each won an award...
who also won a moment and a memory that will forever change and better their wonderful lives...


  1. CRYING. obvs. beautiful moment captured perfectly by YOU. lucky wesson men!

  2. Poetically written. You should be proud. What a memory! Congrats to the Monster and high fives to the Tall One, Grands and you - who kept the home fires burning, I'm certain, when your weary victorious men returned from battling the sea.

  3. WOW–what an amazing adventure, and such a great catch!