Thursday, October 4, 2012

A little Spring in my step....

French's Point, Maine Wedding of Spring and Silas - "Summer Nights" from meg simone on Vimeo.

Early this week, I received an amazing little gift in my email box.
Meg Simone, filmmaker extraordinaire, sent me a link to the film she shot for Spring and Sila's wedding for whom I had the great pleasure of creating their wedding paper. 

As a paper designer, many of us get lost in the mix. So the fact that the Lovely Miss Simone was generous to not only let me preview the film but ask my permission to use the artwork that I had created... 
purely warmed my heart and soul. 

Being able to watch Spring and Sila's wedding weekend was absolutely magical for me. Working and collaborating on their pieces for a year to finally being able to see their big day was BEYOND inspiring. To hear their story, meet their parents and see the love in their faces was a true gift.

In was so inspiring that I dug out and dusted off our wedding tapes to watch. read that tapes..
Thankfully the Tall One had found a VCR for us to watch them.

I'm not going to lie...
I cried..
I cried so much that there was no more tissue in the house..
Why all this sobbing you ask? much has changed in the 11 years that we have been married..
Friendships that have come and gone..
People that have come and gone..
My waist that has come and gone...
It was All too overwhelmingly beautiful.

Back when we had gotten married...
videographers were just that...videographers...
clunky cameras with lights
I wanted none of that..
I was hoping my brother would dust off the old super 8 and film it
but guess what...
He, my sister-in-law and 2 year old niece were all in our wedding party..
so that wasn't exactly going to work...

So instead our AMAZING Aunt Wendy filmed the ENTIRE weekend...
When I say ENTIRE...I mean she absolutely and positively didn't put that camera down...
and being the social butterfly that she is..I was undeniably touched by her committment and it was truly THE best wedding gift EVER!!

So when The Monster came home that day..
I had a little surprise for him..

He has spent 9 years of his life watching other Island Brides and Grooms get married...
He has seen countless kisses and gowns...
But to actually see his parents stroll through the hay fields..
Boy was that ever magical...
So many wonderful questions.. 
So much pride and joy in his eyes..
A realization of how special that day was and without it..
He wouldn't be here..
To look at his parents and feel lucky that we both were still together and sitting by his side..


So all you Brides and Grooms out there..
listen to an old married lady...
There are so many amazing filmmakers out there..
What are you waiting for? 
It is worth EVERY penny...

So thank you Miss Simone for inspiring me to dust off those tapes..
Thank you for your gracious professionalism and kindness..

Thank you Spring and Silas for including me in your AMAZING and thoughtful wedding..
What a wonderful family you have and I hope that you too will be sitting down with your little Monsters and sharing with them the best of all days...


  1. this was so nice to read! and i would agree that hiring not just a videographer, but someone like Meg Simone who works magic with her crazy amazing eye and heart to film your special day is so something to not overlook.

  2. Lucinda - when I first read this I was speechless. It took a few days to digest your wonderful testament. Your words speak volumes to the wedding film industry and to the importance of preserving these memories, in motion, for future generations to see. I'm so glad Spring and Silas's wedding spoke to your heart and that you found inspiration in their film to relive your own wedding.... when the monster came home that day. Thank you a million times over for sharing your thoughts with the world. xoxoxo Meg Simone

  3. What a wonderful post!! Love it!

  4. Lucinda, this is one of the best writes up on wedding films ever! Thank you so much for your words. I'm sharing this on my blog! And Meg Simone is a wonderfully talented filmmaker.