Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!

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Happy Weekend Everyone!!! 

It's ON...
It's the official start to  
The Wesson's Annual Fishing Tournament!!
The Tall One is polishing up his rods, getting his eel bucket cleaned and has already made one trip to the Island to drop of probably a 1/4 of his gear...
(the rest my ALL over the house)

The Monster will be coming home soon and is DETERMINED to bring home the kid's trophy because last year, his cousin, the lovely Miss C took home the trophy AND the glory...

After watching the documentary, Ethel on HBO last night...
it so reminded me of this wonderfully large family that I have married into...
Competition, naughtiness, the desire to spend time together and to really really laugh is what it's all about..

So hopefully..
My Boys will catch a few..
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maybe even win....

But most importantly...
They will be sharing some of this...
Image via she simmers
at the big table, with a few stories of the one that got away, laughing, teasing..

Be Safe, Call a Cousin and Have a Great Weekend!!

ps. HUGE HUGE glittery surprise for all my loyal readers Monday Afternoon...
Stay tuned!!


  1. Have fun, Ms. Wesson. I too watched (and loved) Ethel last night, and you're right, your family, from what I've read on these pages, and the little I really know (and mostly imagine) about all you and your extended, perhaps come closer than anyone in my sphere to matching that crazy clan. Enjoy!

    1. Wasn't it spectacular Mr. P?!!! You are so wonderfully kind in your words!