Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4TH!!

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Happy 4th of July Everyone!!!

Today truly marks the first day of Summer...

Ever since I was a little girl...
Freedom to:
shed those layers of coats, wool tights, sweaters, sock and shoes.
stay up late.
catch fireflies in my nightgown.
forget about reading, writing and arithmetic.
read what I wanted to read.
swim to my hearts content.
watch T.V.
play with friends.
catch frogs, tadpoles, turtles and fish with my brother in the pond down the street.
draw & paint all day.
eat ice cream..
believe that anything was possible...

Now these may seem quite small in the eyes of the freedom fighters but one has to start somewhere to realize what freedom truly is...

As I have grown-up..the realization has become more complicated..
We now live in a country where many of us have become so jaded.
Who could blame us?
We have pollution, ozone problems, oil shortages, swarmy politicians, terrorists, poverty, pediatricians, priests & policemen that are pedophiles, people killing people, puppy mills...
Where does it all end?
But we have to realize that NOTHING is perfect..
That nothing can be changed overnight...
But if I think back to when my Mom was a little girl....
Look at how many things have already changed...
Women are not just moms, teachers & nurses...
WE can be ANYTHING WE want to be...
I feel extremely lucky that I get to be a Mom, own my own business. drive my own car, pick my own husband, own my own home, wear what I want to wear and eat my own food...
I live in a country where the scariest thing is the loud booms over my head during the fireworks tonight. 

So today, I raise a deviled egg in one hand, a slice of watermelon in the other, to our amazing forefathers who have granted us freedom..
freedom in which I was given liberties
so that I may pursue the happiness in my life!


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  1. So well said. I feel the exact same way. Happy Fourth to you my friend!