Thursday, January 17, 2013

Amarylis...To Force or Not to Force...

Image by Chocolate Creative Design

Every Chistmas my parents lovingly bring us an Amaryllis plant. 
Watching it emerge every day from stalk to flower has been shear delight for the Monster and I.

Back in November, Terrain had written an AMAZING post about forced bulb wreaths using Amaryllis bulbs.

Well, apparently I tucked that post away until I realized that this is the perfect time of year to create them.

Don't toss away those lovely branch wreaths from the holidays...

Re-use them!!
All images from Terrain

It's rather simple really...
Purchase some high quality bulbs like the ones at White Flower Farm
Follow the directions on Terrain's post
in 4-6 weeks you'll have some blooms to chase the Winter blues away!


  1. brilliant!! i LOVE this! ( just need to get some bulbs first!)

    p.s. what is that beautiful blue wall color??? xoxo

    1. Send me pics if you do it Miss Sparkle!! The Blue is THE best paint color EVER.. Palladium Blue from Benjamin Moore.. My Heidi gets a shout out for that!