Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do you Flamingo?

 Image by Slim Aarons of Durie Desloge and Wendy Vanderbilt

 Today and yesterday have been an absolute gift from the gods above...

The thermometer has been reading 58 degrees with the most loveliest of lovely balmy breezes.
The warm humidity has my skin jumping for joy,
although my hair might just disagree...

It reminds me of our yearly pilgrimage to Florida to visit my grandmother when I was a child.

Sadly, I haven't stepped foot on Floridian soil since 2006, but my heart and soul think about it often...
 Image via Chocolate Creative Design

 I remember flying through a starry sky into the Orlando airport... 
Stepping off the plane and having the intoxicating sweet smell of orange blossoms envelop me in the warm night air...
The dark silhouettes of the palm trees gently waved and welcomed me on our sleepy car ride to the house..
Being woken up by the smiling faces of the orange and yellow zinnias which papered the bedroom walls.
Stepping and hopping over cracks (not to break my mother's back) down the rough brick breezeway to the dining room
a freshly picked pink grapefruit awaited my arrival.
Seeing my long legged grandmother at the table dressed in her finest Lilly..
Always Lilly..always a skirt...

Such amazing memories that will forever be held in my mind and can always take me out of the darkest of places..

For some reason..
I don't know..
maybe it's because in my home,
 I live in a man's world...
 I think I am in LOVE with pink...
what better way to honor pink??
With the most decadently delicious of all birds..

Image by Chocolate Creative Design

1. Heidi Tulip Maxi Dress at Piperlime 2. Flamingo Plate at Lou Rota
3. Thibaut Flamingo Bay Wallpaper 4. Flamingo Printed Clutch at Browns
5. Flamingo by Abigail Brown  6. Handmade Knitted Baby Hat, Tail and Booties Set at Bouf
7. Flamingo Photograph by Sharon Montrose 8. Jack Rogers Vachetta at Piperlime
9. Flamenco Serving Platter at Zara Home  10. Coral Small Marine Tumbler at Zara Home 
11. Flamingo Mingle by Nancy Ramirez at Imagekind 12. Hooked Wool Flamingo Pillow at Newport Nautical Decor

So watch out Wesson men..
The times they are a changing...
Pink is on it's way....


  1. I'm a "Lily-Pink" grandma, too!!!!

  2. Pink always makes me smile ... pink and green, well that is beyond amazing for my preppy soul!