Monday, September 23, 2013

a little glitter to start your week...

That is certainly one darn tootin ginormous hello!!
You all definitely deserve it as I have disappeared from the blog stratosphere for quite some time..
In fact...
It's been so long that we now find ourselves already in Fall!!
A little Rip Van Winklish if you ask me!!

But you see..
I needed to find my way back...
and luckily,
with the help from some very glittery friends(old & new), clients(old & new), and family(old and VERY new)..
 I was able to get back on path and allow glitter into my heart..
I have so much to share..
So many exciting projects, adventures and even perhaps a new Mr.
(don't worry...the Tall One can't get away that easily!)
So ..
Buckle up Buttercup..
Time is a wastin..
I better get writing..
Too much glitter to share..
In Fact..
Just this morning(too early, if you ask me)..
on the very first day of Fall..
as the Monster made his way to the bus..
The green green grass sparkled and glittered from the sunlit
You see..
It is everywhere..
you just need to look and listen..
and if you are lucky..
the arrows will show you the way...