Thursday, September 26, 2013

A new Mister...from another Sister..

Mr. G, 4 Months
September 26, 2013

The heart wants what the heart wants..
LOVE is a tricky thing...
It's scary...
It's unpredictable..
Sometimes we feel as though we are not ready for it..
Sometimes we don't think we are deserving of it..
LOVE is all you need...
LOVE makes the world go round..
LOVE is life...
most importantly..
LOVE can heal...
Not 100%
just enough...

So I introduce to you..
with the greatest of pleasure..
Our newest family member, 
my youngest of 4 sons..
the new LOVE of my life..
Mr. G!

Yes..that is a puppy in a bow tie..
but he is honoring his Southern heritage..
and since brothers share EVERYTHING..
I deemed it only appropriate that he should be wearing the
Monster's Easter gift from the Fabulous duo at Forage..
Since they are TRUE dog lovers..
I felt that they may approve...
plus it may even inspire them..
Forage dog collars anyone???

all it took was a photo to get my family on board...
Were we ready?
Probably not...
is one ever ready for a baby?

Luckily for us..
The Ladies over at The Simon Foundation in Bloomfield, Connecticut
held our future in their hands..
It took just one introduction..
one glance
one lick
one wag of a tail
and Mr. G became a true blue Wesson on
August 23, 2013.
Mr. G, 3 Months
August 23, 2013

As you can see from this image...
someone has already grown leaps and bounds..
In fact...
Someone gained 7.8 lbs in one month!!

There have definitely been some challenges..
What new baby doesn't bring them?! 
thankfully Joanne Lincoln from The Simon Foundation
helped us tremendously and
we seem to be not only back on track
very fluent in dog speak...

With every negative comes a positive...
Mr. G has brought us this..
The ability to belly laugh again..
A very clean kitchen floor..
A sparring partner for Mr. C...
Heartfelt licks..
What grass feels like for the first time..
Seeing the tiny moths that delicately leap through the grass..
Smelling and feeling the sea for the first time..
Running so fast your ears flap..
It is truly amazing to me..
how much one little boy can change forever
the heart of a family... 
I am eternally grateful to
 My husband for opening his heart and giving puppy love a second chance..
The Ladies at The Simon Foundation for supporting us and giving us the love of our lives..
MOST importantly..
The sister who gave me a new mister..
Mr. G was one out of 11 pups...
so if you are looking..
Ruby's babies are still available..
So get ready folks...
You'll be seeing this boy quite often...
He's got lots to say
possibly some grand adventures to share..


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    1. Um..I think I need you need to take some pics of him Heidi...He works in your color range.....Plus you shoot pups soo amazingly well!!