Monday, December 2, 2013

a little glitter to start your week...Glitter Gift Guide..Part Deux

 Wreath by We Love Wreaths on Etsy

Thought you had enough glitter?!
Time for..
Part Deux!
1.  Gold Sequin Basket Tote at Shop Latitude
2.  Brass Horseshoe Crab Letter Opener at Dwell Studio
3. Gold Sea Star Hair Band at Lulula
4.  Brass Lobster Door Knocker at Furbish
 1.  Gold Garden Hose at
2.  Monica Forster Gold Flower pot at Artilleriet
3.  Brass Geo Terrarium at Jayson Home
4.  Copper Castor Trowel at Terrain
1. Gold Carnaby Zebra Dish at Waiting on Martha
2. Sugar Paper Sassy Note Set at Bloomingdales
3. Cowhide Fur Cuff Bracelet at Unearthed on Etsy
4.  Animalia Coasters at Waiting on Martha
1. Pebble Gold Dog Collar at
2. Custom Pooch Sweatshirt at Bow and Drape
3. Rose Gold Speck Bowl at Furbish
4.  Christmas Polka Dot Dog Collar at Pecan Pie Puppies
1. Gold Silicone Mini Spatulas at Williams-Sonoma
2. Measuring Gaggle at Anthropologie
3. Nonstick Goldtouch Bakeware set at Williams-Sonoma
4. Gold Crown Baking Cups at Bake it Pretty
1. Star print Frost Free Jacket at Old Navy
2. Metallic Aviator Cap at Old Navy
3. Gilded Alphabet Set at Cabin 7
4. Spirit Couture Tights at Catimini


  1. LOVE. seeing lots of familiar goodies. great minds :)

  2. Oh my goodness, all those gold is going to my head–how gorgeous!

  3. Love the sparkle! Sparkle on, Lu!