Saturday, December 14, 2013


One year ago today, the town of Newtown, The state of Connecticut and parents from all around the world watched with disbelief, shock and disgust as we lost 26 of our own in a senseless tragedy.

When I woke up this morning with an overwhelming list of things to do and rather aggravated at my snow covered car, it only took reading a Facebook post from my dear friend, Miss Amy Graver of Elements Design, to simply put things in perspective.

"Today's snow keeping us home bound and allowing us spend unhurried, precious time with our children makes me think it is a gift from 26 angels. It could be their soft frozen beautiful tears falling from the sky reminding us to take the time, slow down, create memories and be together on this sad anniversary proving to me that love and hope exist and that they are not gone. Their magic is all around us if we just remember and focus on the light and love and never the hate and darkness. I'm rejoicing in their message and promising to work hard on turning my sorrow to joy and taking advantage of this day with my family. Heading off Facebook now. Cookie making, board games, hot cocoa and snowman building await. Peace, light and love all.
x o x o"

Today in the State of Connecticut we were granted a special gift..
Enjoy, Hold your babies tight and
dance amongst the snowflakes..