Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Weekend!!

 Image by White Loft Studio, Bake by Mayflour via Style me Pretty

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

It's Official...
I'm DONE..
Done with Mother Nature and her Polar Vortex..
Done with freezing temperatures..
Done with snow, hail and sleet..
Done with watching the Tall One have a heart attack over the many oil deliveries..
Done with white tipped fingers and toes...

This weekend we will be keeping warm and toasty..
There will be a cake with many, many, many, many, very, very, very tall candles flickering to keep us warm..
 I dare say..
I am a bit envious for what the Monster and I have in store for the Tall One..
Even though he may not want to eat a slice of cake as he has become quite the born again health guru..
That just means there is more for the Monster and I...

Be Safe, Make a Wish and Have a Great Weekend!!

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  1. Have a wonderful weekend, and joyful celebrations!