Monday, March 31, 2014

a little glitter to start your week....

It's inevitable..
along with the budding of flowers...
come bugs...
I've already seen a few of my polka dotted ladies appearing in my bathroom window...
But I dare say...
I am happy to make room for some creepy crawlies.
especially if they are glittery and golden..
if it means that my scented ladies shall appear..
1. Kate Spade June Lane at Bloomingdales  2. Glasbury Knobs at Anthropologie
3. Butterfly Necklace at Elva Fields  4. Flower & Insect Stone Bracelet at Topshop
5. Bee Necklace at Manictrout on Etsy  6. Kate Spade June Lane Cup at Bloomingdales
7. Bee iphone case at Case Cavern on Etsy  8. Entomology Knobs at Anthropologie
9. Jardin Heart Box at Tiffany   10. Choose Your Life Necklace at Elva Fields
11. Gold Bug Plate at Angioletti Designs on Etsy

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