Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Weekend!!!

Image by Tim Walker

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

We Wessons are bringing out the candles, the balloons and a lovely little cake for a certain Grande Dame who turns 14 today...
She definitely doesn't look a day over 229...
even though the old farmers down the street have nicknamed her the "house that can't hold paint"..
We love her all the more..
believe that she's the epitome of a classic beauty.
it's time my friends..
She's in need of a makeover...
What every teenage girl dreams of...
So my go-to design guru
(and sister from another mister)
Miss Heidi Heublein has been helping me do just that...

Having sent out Michaela & Mike's wedding invitation suite this week..
I am taking a much needed..
much anticipated..
long long vaca....
What pray tell shall I do with all this time...
I'll be..
Taking the Monster to THE City..
(the only city that forever holds my heart)
Catching up on some reading...
(both book and blog)
Getting some exercise with Mr. G...
Planning the Garden..
Writing up some delicious posts for this little ole blog..
Getting into the studio and START creating (for me)
and of course..
drag Miss Heublein into our Grande Dame
help make her

Be Safe, Get Outside and Have a Great Weekend!!