Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

It has surely been one fantastic week!
From being well rested from a mini moon to Block Island, putting the finishing touches on Amy & Tim's wedding invitation suite  and ending with the Monster spend the night under the stars with the pigs, chickens and 1 guinea hen at Terra Firma Farm.
I can promise you he is exactly where he dreams to be!!
Did I mention the fabulous fish tacos and hibiscus margaritas at Milagros?

Next week will be a whole other chapter to summer..
The Monster and I will be taking a home vacation for the next 2 weeks...
There will be swimming, sailing, tennis, painting, biking, sand castle making,reading, movie watching, sword fighting, berry picking and my personal favorite..
homemade ice cream making AND eating!

It will be just like in the beginning...
him and me, me and him.

I still will be posting but...
I will also be out there enjoying life, slowing down(a bit) and giggling till the cows come home with my favorite Monster in the whole wide world...


  1. Sounds delicious! Hope we'll get to see you guys for some crabbing and summer fun!

  2. Sounds like such fun! And I love your previous post....the mouse plate is too darling!

  3. This sounds like the most amazing two weeks-I'm swooning! Have a wonderful time!

    xox, Lena

  4. Enjoy every moment. These days go by so quickly ...