Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

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 Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

What a wonderful week it's been!! 
I had a wonderful mini solo vaca last weekend, doing all things girly and fun. Designed up 2 fabulous wedding invites that are ready to go to press as I write.  Played hard with the Monster and two very lovely princesses.  Finally stuffed myself into a bathing suit and swam for hours like an 8 year old, showing that even us oldies still could play a mean game of sharks and minnows..

Which leads us into one of my most favorite holidays of the year..
It's about friends, family, picnic food, hot dogs, hamburgers, fresh garden salads, macaroni salad, cocktails, watching fireworks on the warm sand tightly tucked under a salt infused beach towel...
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Fresh apple & cherry pies a la mode....
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and enjoying living in a small town where we do the 4th of July old school style with crepe paper adorned bikes, parades and just simply flying that grand ole flag...
Aren't we all so lucky....

Be Safe, Fly that Flag as High as you can and have a 
Great Weekend!!!

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  1. See you at the parade tomorrow? We have our crepe paper ready to go! I miss you!