Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ooohhh La La!

Image via Tommy Hilfiger

The Monster and I decided to go on a little road trip...I know you know those ones..not too far but far enough to have a sleep over..Anyhoo...this is a very very important trip as we get to see our California girls...There are 3 to be exact..My beautiful Sis-in-Law, and 2 super gorgeous nieces..One of the huge bonuses...Sis-in Law is French so I know we will be eating so amazingly well..In fact, I know that there will be some fabulous stinky cheese in my future..
As for the Birthday Trio (all 3 cousins have June bdays),
They will be doing a whole lot of swimming in my parents pool..
Image by Chocolate Creative Design

And even more of this for the next 2 days..
The Monster couldn't be happier...
Image by Chocolate Creative Design

and either could I..
I foresee a lot of sparkle, retelling of funny stories about my brother and giggling till all hours!

Vive La France!!

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