Thursday, June 2, 2011

Painted Ponies....

What is it about carousels that make us feel like a kid again?
Is it the freedom to choose your own horse with the most luxurious mane? Is it the thrill of just flying through the air holding on tight and just letting go of our fears? Or maybe it's the excitement of being THE one to grab the brass ring and the joy of a wooden nickel in your pocket granting you a free ride...
Perusing through my daily dose of Anthropologie, these carousel dessert plates allowed all those wonderful memories to come flooding back....
Throughout my lifetime, I have been lucky enough to have ridden many many fabulous carousels, but by far my favorite has to be the Flying Horses in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Feet dangling, overlooking the water on your very own Peagasus with it's real horse hair mane and salt air rushing past your face....nothing can compare. Maybe it's the fact that every time I take the Monster, it makes me think that it was possible that the Tall One and I could have been riding the horses at the very same time..
Such a hopeless romantic..

But it does fill my heart with joy to watch him ride the same horses that we did as children. Thanks to the Watch Hill Library and Improvement Society, they have lovingly preserved the oldest Flying Horses Carousel in the Country. 

Top that with a lobster roll from Bay Street Deli, a homemade ice cream cone from St. Clairs, a pocketful of wooden coins and you have the makings for a perfect day.


  1. I was just swooning in front of an SF carousel the other day, and it took me right back to riding one as a kid. Such a wonderful feeling.

  2. Oh i am in love with those plates. So beautiful!