Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

 Silk Screen by William Connell

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

What a wonderfully exciting week it has been!!

I just finished up a little ikat love wedding invitation set for the beautiful Amy & Tim..stay tuned next week for the unveil as today their guests will be getting a little surprise in their mailboxes!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week....perfect temp with a slight breeze..
Thank you Thank you August!!

Just when I thought we were done with firsts...
the Monster proved me wrong...
The week started out with a first sailing lesson and to our surprise...he was solo and sailing like an old pro...This made my mom in law's heart jump with glee as she has been waiting for this moment since he was born...I dare say, we made all the other club members jump too as there were loud hoots and whoohoo's from the shore...not necessarily club-like but that's how we Wessons role!
Then...came the first jump off the high dive followed by winning THE coveted twizzler in tennis class!
The best part....
I got to see it happen right before my own eyes!!

This Saturday, in the town of Stonington, 
is the 62nd annual Stonington Fair!!
Produced by the Stonington Community Center to help raise money for a bevy of amazing community programs,
it is a perfectly orchestrated small town fair filled with art, games and food!!

I can honestly say that it wouldn't be the Fair without William Connell's prints. You know summer has begun when he hand paints the billboard that leads into the town with the year's new design.
 Image by Elissa Bass

There isn't a home in Stonington that doesn't have at least 5 of them hanging on their walls. The Tall one has been collecting then since the very very beginning.
It's almost as prevalent as finding one of these in any WASP home
William Connell has been creating the Fair's silk screen prints by hand for the past 34 years.
It is a testament to his craft, the love for a town and it's people!

So we will be there with bells on..a poster in hand, ice cream on the face and hopefully a H.Gray Park painting in my pocket!!

Stay Safe, Seek and Enjoy the Small Things in Life and Have a Great Weekend!!

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