Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

 Image found via shells on the beach

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Whew....what a fantastically fabulous,chock full of surprises yet relaxing week it has been...
I have been playing hookey for awhile and you know what...
It feels great!!
But I am rested and ready to don my cape for a very very very busy week ahead..
Nevertheless, I can still dream about the most memorable of memorable weeks of the year...

 There was a little bit of this..
  Image found via Boston

A few tried that...
  Image found via 365 positive

 A couple miles of this..
  Image found via mackin ink

Eating and making some of that..
Image found via Margaret and Joy

 Picking a truck load of this..
  Image found via Santa Barbara Blueberries

Which turned into that..
  Image found via always with butter

Many many nights of this...
  Image found via country living

 and happily and joyfully ended in that...
 Image found via Pinterest

Stay Safe, Dream a Little Dream and Have a Great Weekend!!!

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  1. are you serious with today's post? are you reaching in to my mind about where i want to be? i love this :)