Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Image found via HHUD

Happy Weekend Everyone!!! 

We are all waiting...waiting..waiting waiting.
Will she be lovely, gentle and sweet? Or will she be harsh,unforgiving and destructive?

Many in Stonington haven't ever forgotten the hurricane of 1938..
Why would they..
it changed the landscape forever.

Just looking across the water from the Island, one can see the beautiful stretches of beaches named Napatree and Sandy Point.
Pre 1938, it was just one strip of beach with several homes dappled along the water's edge.
Watch Hill, R.I. before the 1938 hurricane
Napatree Before

But then she came...
Napatree after

Leaving destruction in her wake...

I myself, haven't gotten in the swing of the hurricane frenzy..
Maybe it's because I am still swooning after "Walking through a Wedding" yesterday with the amazing Marantz's and the the loveliest of lovelies, Miss Julia Gargano.
Stay Safe, Get out those Rain Boots and Have a Great Weekend!!!!


  1. Hope you guys are safe and sound, and that damage was minimal. What a weekend.

  2. Hope you are safe after the Hurricane. Happy start to the week!