Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

The Monster watching the fury of Irene
Image by Drury Thorp

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!!

To say "Wow, What a week!!!" is clearly an understatement!
Miss Irene definitely swooped in and although she seemed less daunting than originally predicted, left the East Coast in a huge heap of a mess. The State of Connecticut got severely walloped and in our sleepy little town of Stonington, there was not one house without electricity. What that means for us farm water.
Four days later..the miracle of light came upon the majority of us, 5 days later, the internet and television.
Even though there were bits and pieces of The Shining that were ready to emerge in the Wesson household, there was something even more surprising and startling that happened.
The ability to laugh at oneself, learning survival skills, helping thy neighbor, and most importantly...having empathy for those in the world who have survived horrendous plights at the hand of others and/or by Mother Nature.

Being the offspring of a Waspy "War Baby" definitely killed my soul as I had to throw out more than 100 items of food from our refridgerator/freezer. As the Monster and I filled 5 large black bags, we both stood back and sadly realized we could have fed a small country.

I think every mother out there would agree that this was certainly a test of faith, patience and sacrifice not only for ourselves but also for our children. In a generation that has television 24 hrs a day at a mere click of a button (remember the days of only having 5 shows and getting up to turn that crazy giant dial?)or bypassing a toll booth without a line in site (boy do I miss throwing those coins in, life for them is just one giant easy-pass. And as devastating as this storm was, as a parent, I am pleased to have my child understand what it is like to actually wait in line.

So... Thank you Irene for the lessons we have learned. Thank you for giving us 5 of the most gorgeous summer days ever as we coped in your aftermath. Thank you for ending just in time for the most fabulous weekend ever as we spend time with 100 of our family members at the Island celebrating the end of a miraculous summer!

Stay Safe, Get Out and Play a Game of Kick the Can whilst holding a French 75, and Have a Great Weekend!!


  1. Day Six for me with no power insight!

  2. I'm so glad you guys have got everything back up and running, and for the wonderful days after Irene you got to enjoy! Have the most divine holiday weekend!

  3. I am crossing my fingers for you Amy!!!! Lena, thanks for your well wishes and have a GREAT weekend!!!

  4. You said it perfectly. Happy Labor Day Weekend, play some Pass the Shoe for me!