Thursday, September 8, 2011

Le Totem....

When my brother and I were young, one of our favorite things to do was to collect glass and ceramic animals. We would spend hours creating worlds for them out of anything and everything we could find...toilet paper, sticks, shoe boxes and especially cotton batting found in Mom's jewelry boxes..

I don't know if it was the figurines or the amazing images...but Laura Johnston's totems...made the sun come out on a very very gloomy day!
Always praying that I was part American Indian and loving the idea of having your own spirit animal to guide you...I might just have to take Miss Johnston up on it and order one for myself lickety split!

But which one to choose???
Would it be Le Fluffy White Dog above who is loyal, adventurous and optimistic?
Le Elephant who is strong, successful, energetic, wise with a great memory to boot?
Le Snuffleupagus who is happy, adventurous and chock full of dreams.

Wait a minute...maybe I have it all wrong...why not custom totems of my 2 boys with tails?
Whichever I choose....I can tell you this....the packaging is to die for!!
A huge thank you to Laura Johnston for making my day a whole lot brighter!!

Which one would you choose?

All Images Le Animale

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  1. How impossibly adorable! I wonder if she makes lemurs...