Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

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Happy Weekend Everyone!!!!!

Things are hustling & bustling here in the Wesson household....
I see rods, reels, millions & trillions of lures, eel buckets, waterproof socks, all weather gear and a few headlamps
making there way through the living room and onto the patio.
Why all the hub-bub you ask??
Well, it's the Annual Wesson Mens fishing tournament at the Island this weekend!!
Maybe this year a Wesson could actually bring home the trophy...
Seems like it's only been friends that have grabbed that beauty.
Seriously folks..this trophy is no laughing matter..
Check it out!
My odds are on the Monster who will be using MY rod & reel...

As competitive as these boys may's really about having fun, staying up all hours and laughing with and at one another!
Many Many Thanks to all of you who crossed your fingers, did a dance or sang a song for Jillian & Dan on their wedding day. From the looks of the images on Facebook...There seemed to be no rain or umbrellas in site. There was a bit of mud, left over from the insane amount of flooding, but that didn't stop that fabulous bride to pull on some Wellies & kick it up on the dance floor.
Thank goodness, the flooding subsided...that way the menus arrived just in the nick of time!
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Stay Safe, Maybe Make an Apple Pie and Have a Great Weekend!!!

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  1. That trophy is HYSTERICAL, and those menus are absolutely darling! I'm so glad their big day didn't get rained out!