Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Image found via Flickr

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

As we head into the beginning of September and supposedly leave the "dog days of summer" behind...I greatly beg to differ.....
NOW are the Dog Days....
He has been patiently waiting for 3 months for the beaches to clear and family to depart. He can now jump off the dock...splash at the little beach and chase critters through the hayfields.
He can take back his Island,romp and roll through seaweed and go on expeditions with his little brother, The Monster.
 NOW are the Dog Days...
 Image by Suzanna March

I have to ask a big favor from all of you reading...
That fabulous, sweet as pie couple, Jillian & Dan are getting married tomorrow and I need your help..
They have had a rough month, carpenter ants, a missed bachelorette party due to Irene, a very very sick baby who was in the hospital and now flooding...
If you could, please please through thought or even interpretive a little non rain dance for them.
They are so deserving, have been the most amazing clients and really really need a little more sunshine in their lives...
Thank you Thank you!!

Be Safe, Enjoy the September Light and have a Great Weekend!!


  1. What a wonderful photo-that smile is great! I'll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the skies are clear this weekend!