Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let your imagination grow..3 in the Family...

Jillian & Dan

Normally, I like to post my Let Your Imagination Grow feature on Fridays..but this my friends, could not wait until then....

With the help & support of friends, colleagues and clients, Chocolate Creative Design has begun to flourish and grow. From these friends, colleagues and clients comes new clients that are not only the perfect match but extend the far reaches of the globe. One such client couple, The beautiful Jillian & Dan, came to me from the sweet as pie, Suzanna March, who had photographed them for their engagement shoot.

Harkening all the way from Pennsylvania, these two lovebirds had a wonderful story to tell...

As you can see from the above image, Jillian is 8 months pregnant with their now daughter, Remy.

That is one lucky little girl...the Monster keeps asking me when we'll have another wedding so that he can be there to watch..

So, now there is 3...hmmm..how does a designer subtly incorporate this new family of three...hmm..

They plan on having a fun, gorgeous and elegant wedding at their home in Pennsylvania..Jillian, a who has a deep love for Anthropologie and Terrain (my kinda girl!) and Dan, who just happens to be a very talented Woodworker (can you say handmade farm tables at their wedding?)make for the perfect recipe for Chocolate Creative Design.

What most clients don't realize is that when you let a designer do what they do best...you let their imaginations grow...
This is exactly what Jillian and Dan allowed me to do..and I truly can't thank them enough for trusting me and in the process..

So with my love of using the 5 senses, incorporating wood, bold prints and the number 3...away we went...

So without further adieu...
The lovely and super talented Miss Suzanna March sent me some gorgeous eye candy which allowed me to visualize exactly how Jillian & Dan caught a glimpse of their Save the Date for the first time...
Just a simple little box..
A colorful label, fun stamp and a custom logo that resembles a branding iron...
Fluffy whimsical wood curls...
3 different types of Anthropologie inspired fabrics
Gotta love their date...9.10.11,
especially if it's printed on wood grain embossed paper
Hand stamped wooden utensils..

I would have to say that my favorite part HAS to be the magnets on the back of each utensil...
This way..there is no way that fab card can get lost..just put it on your fridge!
A colorful napkin, wrapped in a wood grain embossed belly band, tied with twine and we are good to go!

 This one's just for Dan & Jillian..
A little look behind the scenes...
Image by Chocolate Creative Design
Step 1
2 wonderfully huge boxes filled to the brim with wood curls provided by the sweetest and most generous company in Vermont,
Image by Chocolate Creative Design
Step 2
Line those fabulous white boxes up!
Image by Chocolate Creative Design
Whew..that's a LOT of boxes!
Image by Chocolate Creative Design
Step 3 
Fill those boxes up..
Luckily for me the Monster was game to help..
Image by Chocolate Creative Design
Image by Chocolate Creative Design
Step 4
Carefully, ohhh so carefully place them lovingly into in their new home...

Image by Chocolate Creative Design

Thank you Thank you Jillian & Dan!!
I had such a marvelous creative adventure..
I can't WAIT to start those invites!!


  1. WOW. Love every thing about this.

  2. Lucinda- What a sweet post! It has been amazing working with you. You have really taken the time to listen to our story and make my vision come to life in a way I couldn't even imagine. So AMAZING. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  3. These are amazing! Such a wonderful and creative idea. Love them!

  4. Hi there! Such a great idea!! Where did you get all the boxes!?!