Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Weekend!!

Image found via Pinterest

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Well, it's already that time of the year....Clean up weekend on the Island.. The Monster and the Tall One, together with family, will be hacking away at Bittersweet vines, raking leaves and making it look picture perfect for the on-coming wedding season...
I can guarantee that the Tall One will be sneaking off to cast a few in hopes to catch the "Big One".
I, myself, will be catching up on some fabulous projects both for new clients and the blog.

This past week, has been one the most exciting yet...

I am humbled and honored to receive the most amazing blog love from two very amazing bloggers!!

First, from my most favorite sparkliest lady in the whole world...
Read post here

Second, Valentina, a graphic designer in Italy, whose blog, 
Cut and Paste (a MUST read), featured Jillian & Dan's Save the Date.
Now you might need a little help from google translator to read it but honestly folks, coming from the only other place I could imagine living, it doesn't quite matter...
This just made my year!

And last but oh so not least...
Image by Tim Walker
A HUGE happy birthday to my very creative cousin, dear friend, and blogging buddy, Chad Freeman!
The Island will miss you this weekend and if you were here...
I would cover the Big House in balloons!!

Stay Safe, Stay Warm and have A GREAT weekend!!


  1. Thanks for the b-day love!!! And the Big House would look INCREDIBLE covered in balloons... can imagine it now!!

  2. What a wonderful post-have a divine weekend, darling!

  3. Oh dear Lucinda, it was a pleasure for me to share your wonderful SDT! You did a great job! Thanks to be so gentle with me and my blog :D

    Hope to read you again!