Monday, April 18, 2011

Hippity Hoppity..Which came first?

Which came first? Isn't that the age old question?
Memories of custard cups filled to the brim with brilliant colors, very very carefully dipping eggs in with that ridiculously flimsy wire holder then finally (with multi-color stained fingers)a one of a kind creation...
Nowadays, there are sooo many amazingly creative ways to decorate eggs for Easter...
all of which are seemingly easily, especially for little fingers to create.
I have to admit, the one thing that I despise while coloring eggs is the vinegar. For me, it is honestly the worst smell in the world. So, when I found these fab Eco-eggs (in the most amazing packaging ever!), which only uses vegetable dyes and water, my nose thanked me immediately! Now I know they may not come in those strikingly beautiful colors..but which comes nose or the egg?
On Sale at Kate's Paperie
I LOVE these silhouette eggs created by Le Papier Studio.
All it takes is some contact paper & scissors..
Now if I could just get my boys to hold still for a profile pic...
Martha has done it again by using stickers,rubber bands,
masking tape and foliage found on new spring trees...

Simple stamps can create the most delicate looking of eggs...
Image found via Papier Valise

Pysanky, the Ukrainian version of decorating eggs with wax (and beyond complicated and in need of a very steady hand and extreme patience), has been made easier by way of Design Sponge.

This one is a MUST!!! I know the Tall-One MUST have some old silk ties that we can play with!!
Found via Our Best Bites, printed silk is wrapped and tied around eggs which then are popped into a pan of boiling water and vinegar Voila..instant Gorgeousness!!

How do you plan to color your Easter Eggs this year???


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