Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hippity Hoppity....

Image found via InnerHooker on Etsy

You know it...he's coming...hippity hopping down that bunny trail...
If you have been following me since the True & Wesson blog, you might just know that Easter is really my favorite holiday. 
If not, here a few of my posts to catch you up to speed..

I thought I'd start this Hippity Hoppity series with a just few of my favorite finds so as to help that over worked and under paid bunny....

Mind you....I have kept these sugar free...Jelly Beans and Chocolate Eggs are just about enough that the Monster can handle (or really me for that matter)

1. Shark & Butterfly Kites 
(Perfect for tyhose April & May windy days)
available at Hearth Song
2. Cactus Garden 
(Honestly who could kill a cactus?) 
available at Hearth Song
3. Bunny Ears Salad Servers 
(For getting little ones to eat more ruffage) 
available at girlzlyfe
4. Butterfly Bush Garden 
(Bring those winged creatures right to your door)
available at Hearth Song
5. Moss Milkshake 
(Fairies LOVE moss!)
available at Hearth Song

1. Decoupage Nesting Eggs 
(Just like Grandma had)
available at Hearth Song
2. Mini Fleur & Pierre Bunnies
(Who can resist a blabla?)
available at blabla kids
3. Art to Go Set
(Great for Traveling)
available at Kate's Paperie
4. Totem Figurines
 (Create a whole Farm from just a bit of paper)
available at Kate's Paperie
5. Custom Egg in Pail 
(How did that Easter Bunny know my name?!) 
available at dearjes
6. Night Shadow Puppets
(Perfect for bedtime)
available at Kate's Paperie

To get those little creative juices flowing...why not have them create their own Easter Baskets with a little help from 
Kate's Paperie..
(p.s. they just happen to be on sale for $3.50)
The possibilites are endless...

Happy Hunting!!
Stay tuned to Part 2..Decorating..


  1. You know I live for your Easter holiday basket suggestions ....

  2. That bunny hat is so stinkin' sweet-how adorable!