Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

"Friends are family you choose for yourself"  ~Author Unknown

I couldn't resist posting this quote as I find that as my immediate family grows so does my extended one, one that is filled with friends that have now become family.

One of my all time favorite Easters just so happened to be a couple years ago, hosted by Miss Heidi at her home.
Gorgeous tulips and the hostesses fabulous apron...
Mr.Harvey was the perfect host...
Signs of excitement!
 Unbelievably thoughtful table settings!!!

 The fashion was perfectly in tune with Spring!
Get a load of those shoes!!
Cocktails were ready..
Hors d'oeuvres were set...
Eggs...had a new purpose...
 Chicks and
bunnies were everywhere...
Some shared a swing while a very special someone finally took the training wheels off and learned to zoom on her own..
The right amount of
Cooks in the kitchen,
make the perfect dish...
The Hunt began.....some were hidden very very well...
While others required a bit of teamwork to find...
 As if that wasn't enough...out came dessert..
 Some couldn't shove it in quick enough
While others....enjoyed the sugar rush and

came up with their own fun..

Stay Safe, Stay warm and have the most amazingly Happy Weekend whether it's with friends, family or 
friends who have become family!

All images by Chocolate Creative Design


  1. Couldn't agree more Miss Lucinda! So lucky to have you as my sista!!!!

  2. Oh Lu what a wonderful day that was!!! Looking forward to many more special days spent with you.....

  3. What a gorgeous day! Love the peek into such a great celebration!

  4. What a gorgeous celebration (not to mention supper looks delicious)! Happy Easter!