Monday, April 25, 2011

a little glitter to start your week...

If only I still lived in Alexandria, Virginia......
I would definitely make a daily pilgrimage to The Hour Shop perusing the aisles filled with the most stunning and glamorous vintage barware.

Sadly, I don't... but every Friday, one of my all-time favorite blogs takes me on a glamorous cocktail adventure..filling my head full of glass swizzle sticks,kitchy linen napkins and to die for stemware...

What pray tell is the name of this perfectly delish blog?? 
It's none other than La Petite Coquin which is curated by the very very Lovely Lena.

Besides writing a most fabulous blog, the Lovely Lena (a classically trained coloratura soprano)lives with her extremely talented musician husband John, in the city of San Francisco.

Every Friday she comes up with one the most decadent and scrumptious of cocktails. It's kinda like the cocktail version of Julie & Julia. For me, it's not just the cocktail that I have been anxiously awaiting's the fantasy...
I picture the Lovely Lena (who in my mind must be just like Zooey of my favorites!) with her fab bangs in a vintage frock mixing up a new cocktail, while her handsome husband John changes up of some vinyl on their mid century modern turntable in their very chic apartment.

So..Miss Lena..I have a question or dare say challenge for you...Which of these glittery barware sets would you choose and what cocktail would you put in them?


  1. whoa - heading over to the hour shop now - those are all so so gorgeous and i kind of need the last set!! happy monday!

  2. You absolutely made my day-I practically fell over in my chair when I realized you were talking about me! While I'll admit that John is usually the one shaking up the cocktails and I'm picking out the music, I hope our Friday nights aren't far from how you picture them!

    As for all these gorgeous picks, how could you chose a favorite? Must get to Alexandria with a big budget for vintage glassware!

    xoxoxoxox, Lena

  3. What a sweet post! I adore Lena's blog and picture her the exact same way!!

    The barware is just fabulous!!

  4. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh for the love of all things shimmery & blush.... my heart be still!