Monday, April 11, 2011

Dreams of Tutus & Birthday Wishes...

Today, all the way across the country,in the land of Tinsel...
awoke a man (who I still think of as a boy), kissed his beautiful wife on the head (je t'aime, he said), tickled his beautiful daughters, hopped in his Mini and drove through crazy crazy traffic to get to work so that he may inspire others and be the creative genius that he is..
 You see..I was there at the very beginning..
 Together, we sat side by side(you know..strength in numbers)and we created fantastical worlds(thank you Fisher -Price), became Fred & Ginger on the fireplace's marble hearth, drew till our fingers were sore, and laughed till we cried..Sometimes we had to do things we didn't want to do...but there we were..always side by side...Maybe that's how we both became the artists we have now become.
Sometimes, I would be there for him....
and sometimes he would be there for me...

But I can honestly tell you...that even though we are worlds apart....I will always be sitting next to him..
side by side(pinch or no pinch).

Have an amazingly adventurous and silly birthday little brother...and just much I love you..
I love you so much that even the Tutu picture didn't make the cut..


  1. What a wonderful post. I have a few little brother photos I'm sure Charlie would happily skip if I were writing him a big ol' birthday post as sweet as this one, too!

  2. Makes me miss my big bro so much. Beautiful post, Lu. Happy Birthday to your little brother - it's great you have such a wonderful relationship and that you tell him how much you love him!

  3. this is so, so sweet! happy birthday brother!