Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Weekend!!!!!

 Image by Chocolate Creative Design

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Or should I say....Happy First Day of Fall!!

I am not going to lie....I really really don't like Fall or Autumn. Call it what you wish..I still don't like it!
The cold....Brrrrr the cold, seeing your breath, no bare feet, shorter days, falling of foliage, and feeling exposed and bare like the trees.

This year, I might just give it a chance. 
Like The Monster would say, "I'm Stuck with It!" 
so...I might as well make the best of it. 

To help me ease into the season, I created a little list of my favorite Fall things and hopefully they will carry me through the season to the much dreaded Winter.
Image by Chocolate Creative Design

Be Safe, Pull out Your Warm Woolies and Have a great Weekend!!


  1. Nice illustration! I had planned a similar post - illustrations - that you'll see next week. Mine will be of silly words I never knew. Great minds, baby! xo

  2. I just adore this little diagram you made :) Cider Mill donuts are by far one of my fave fall items too! And scarves. We can't forget those either! xo

  3. I LOVE that quote, and that darling little diagram! How adorable!

  4. AAAHHHH!!!! NOT FALL!!! I'm with you all the way!
    We'll have to grab a mug of cider together and think warm sunny thoughts of Summer!!!