Monday, November 28, 2011

a little glitter to start your week......

 It's time......
Time to creep up to the freezing cold attic and pray that the stockings are intact with no hint of any little critter.

Even though I am a homemade stocking girl at heart...
I am seriously loving these glittery numbers...
I just hope they are big enough to hold all of Santa's loot!

Deco Sequin Stocking at West Elm

Beaded Stocking at Horchow

 Snowflake Stocking at Crate & Barrel

Beaded Stocking at Horchow

 Sequin Stocking at Horchow


  1. Love love that first one! So gorgeous! :)

  2. How GORGEOUS! John and I picked up a whole pile of cable knit stockings one year, and while they're perfect for the prep in me, I can't resist these glittering options!