Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Now we are 1!!

 Image found via favim/modified by Chocolate Creative Design

One little candle, placed on the cake...
One first birthday wish to make!

I can hardly believe it!! 
Glitter, Glue and Fireflies is officially 1 today!!

Such a wonderful year full of projects, therapy and a few letters thrown in here or there.

A HUGE thanks to all of our fans, readers & friends...
without you and your support..
this little ole blog wouldn't be much fun!

But we have just gotten our feet wet...
So many new ideas to come..
It's time to mix it up a bit and I would love YOUR creative input!

Should we still continue our quest for the perfect alphabet?
Should the Dueling Designers put down their mouses?
Is a weekly dose of Chocolate Therapy actually helping?

For those of you who are a bit shy commenting...
Please Please email me at
with some creative wisdom!

There are so many new creative adventures to be had
 just around the corner..waiting to be discovered!

Cheers everyone & today is definitely a chocolate cake kinda day!!


  1. Yay! Happy anniversary! Love your sweet little blog, brings a healthy dose of sparkle to my life!

  2. happiest anniversary to you my sweet ms. lu! GG & F is fab and has brought oh so many smiles and inspiration. i vote for ditching the alphabet - keeping the dueling - and obvi keeping the therapy!!! xoxoxo

  3. Happy 1st!! Your blog always provides inspiration and smiles! Can't wait to see what's up ahead!! xoxo

  4. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful day!!

  5. You ladies just warmed my heart!! Thank you!!

  6. I say more dueling designers! Let's go!