Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Image created by Malika Favre

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Well, It's been one heck of a crazy busy week over here in Chocolate Land and to top it all off...
We have a new member of the family!

This past weekend, the Tall One seemed to have ants in his pants and decided to do a little restructuring of the basement. While casually sorting through baseball bats, sleds and Home Depot's tool department, up popped a little friend. The Monster and I Googled to our hearts delight and found that we have a genuine weasel!
Now before the Tall One could set out his "traps", the Monster and I immediately stopped him with said contraptions in hand, explaining that weasels eat mice. Mice...don't EVEN get me started..they have been in every appliance, crack and crevice and much to my surprise... MY car. So since Mr. C hasn't been doing his job, we have decided that this unnamed weasel, shall now be a part of our family.

I am amazed at how much the definition of family has changed for me over the years. I never understood or cared for that phrase "blood is thicker than water".  The only person that I have ever personally known that shares my blood, just so happens to be The Monster. As my Mom likes to put it..I was chosen. Much like being picked right out of a cabbage patch and oh so very Miracle in Milanish. In fact, most people I know have been chosen, including my brother, the Tall One, his sister and her husband. I bet if you asked anyone of them...they would probably say that a family is a family no matter how small.

I come from a wonderfully medium sized family with Grandparents (now passed), Aunts, Uncles, Cousins..the works.
I married into a GINORMOUS family. 
A family of a mere 150 who spends 2 months out of the year together, on an Island and low and behold this just so happens to be the 85th year!
Now that's AMAZING...
Don't get me wrong..there isn't perfection in a large family...many many ups and downs but I can honestly say this... it's all worth it.

Now I love Christmas and spending time with family, giving gifts, feasting and celebrating. It is truly the most joyful time of year (give or take a few spats) but call me crazy, it's easy.

What I truly think makes a the hard times...
The times when life likes to complicate things, knock the wind out of us and punch us when we're down.
Family picks us up, brushes us off and gives us a shot of scotch for good measure.

This weekend, when we rally together with our family, helping to pick up some who have fallen, I can honestly guarantee that 90% of that 150 will be there.
The Monster with his newly purchased Waspy navy blazer with brass buttons and cordovan loafers will now finally learn the true meaning of family and he will carry it through to the next generation.

One of's definitions of Family happens to be:
any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins:

I think it's time to do a little updating because no matter if you are picked out of a cabbage patch, a dear friend, a dog with a waggily tail, a cat who can't seem to catch a mouse or even a weasel..
As long as you love and have each others back in times of need..
You are a FAMILY.

Be Safe, Call Your Aunt Ida and Have a Great Weekend!


  1. I love ya my little head of cabbage....i have never loved cabbage as much as I love you sister...xoxo

  2. I hereby announce that you are part of my "family" and as you know, I (along with my dearly missed brother) were also picked out of the cabbage patch. xo Great post and long live the weasel!

  3. weasels rule and so do you, sister!

  4. Love this. Thinking of you all this weekend.

  5. Love this definition of family and your new addition! :)

  6. This post has me bawling! My family is a big, loud, boisterous bunch, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Have a wonderful weekend with your new addition!