Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

 You know that winter has finally begun when a slight dusting of snow turns into an actual school delay!

Remember those days...crossing your fingers by the television or radio waiting, waiting, oh so patiently waiting to hear your school called..

Sadly, we don't have those days anymore...
Now.. We get a 5:30 phone call (yes 5:30!) informing us of the delay..Since my phone is right next to my head it is absolutely impossible to fall back asleep...So I lie, watching the bright light dance on the ceiling..

Since The Monster has THE BEST teacher in the entire universe, he is quite unenthused about missing class because who knows what adventure Mr. S might take them onto next...

But...since there seems to be a little more snow in our future this weekend..

Maybe it's time we took a few tips from our animal friends who have just started the process of slowing down their bodies and hibernating.. 

Start with a cozy fire...
 Image found via weheartit

Read that book you keep putting off...
 Image found via weheartit

 Image found via weheartit

Find your inner child, Build a fort and take a nap....
 Image found via weheartit

 Treat yourself and make a giant cup of homemade hot cocoa(a splash of vodka helps) with extra whipped cream or marshmallows...

Image & Recipe for Salted Caramel Vodka Hot Chocolate
found via London Bakes

Or simply just Keep Warm & Snuggle up......

Stay Safe, Stay Warm, and Have a Great Weekend!!


  1. Replies
    1. I thought the C family would like that recipe!!

  2. i'll be snuggling up with my ellie bear and doogie! xo happy weekend lu! xo

  3. What a wonderful, magical way to spend the weekend!

    I remember my mom once picked me up from a rehearsal practically squealing that school would certainly be canceled. We all ran find the road perfectly dry. I'd say one 5:30am phone call would be proper payback...