Thursday, April 19, 2012

Scrub a Dub Dub...

Miss Julia & the Marantzs seem to have lavender on the brain for next weeks shoot..
I can completely understand as I have been trying to grow our side door pathway with it over the past 7 years.

Little did I know that when I picked up the Monster at Terra Firma Farm camp that Farmer Bri would have a little lavender surprise waiting for me!

Farmer Bri has come up with a new line of handmade soaps that are now available at their farm stand and at local farmers markets.
Those of us who are lucky enough to know this lovely lady, know that she is one of the strongest women both inside and out.
She absolutely and positively inspires me...
she is the REAL superwoman.
She runs a farm with her amazing husband, raises two beautiful children, educates about a zillion kids at summer and after-school programs and now...
makes soap...
So when she asked me if I would create a new logo design for her soap line...
I felt deeply honored.
Check it almost don't want to use them as they are so beautiful!!
This one just so happens to be a lavender smells delicious!
I know that I will definitely be picking some more up...
some to display and some to use..

Deep deep gratitude to Farmer Bri for the amazing opportunity as well as being the BEST co-parent that a Mom could ever ask for!!

 Images by Chocolate Creative Design
Styled by The Monster


  1. Seriously there is nothing like the smell of handmade soaps. I need to get some more. I always feel like I'm staying in a quaint B&B when I use them.

  2. Gosh, how gorgeous! Alexa's right–the feel of homemade soaps, the smell–there's nothing better!

  3. I smell a new addition to the Christmas Gift Guide 2012 ... just sayin'

  4. Just catching up, I LOVE it! Can't wait to try it out!