Thursday, May 3, 2012

Glitter, Glue & Fireflies too....

Image by Anna Sawin Photography

 Yesterday, I was sitting at my work table surrounded by my weapons of choice (Mr. X-Acto, Ms Rotary Cutter and the annoyingly clingy Mr. Super 77) when my little ole iPhone made its ding dong message sound. I arose, walked over to my computer and with a band-aided finger and a few fingers stuck together (just a few battle scars) I logged into my email account for the message.
What I saw was a tag on Facebook from the lovely Miss Anna Sawin.
Where this tag went to....
was the most glorious of glorious moments..
There they were...
my Amy & Tim...

It's literally killing me right now not to be able to write and talk about our adventure...
I am amidst another adventure...
I am in the wiles of Maine..
standing on a rocky cragg overlooking the sea while smelling the pines..
Ok so my body isn't really there but my mind is and I am with the lovely Spring & Silas on their wedding day. a 1 1/2 weeks...I will share my story about Amy & Tim
who just so happen to be the LOVELIEST of all couples and who had the most AMAZING team of vendors whom they trusted with all their hearts..

So head on over to Style Me Pretty for some fabulous eye candy from Miss Anna Sawin & Buzz Media.
Some delectable sweet & sour treats from Gourmet Galley courtesy of the Rockstar Miss Jessie.
Gorgeous florals from the flower whisperer, Miss Yumiko at Hana Floral Design.
Pretty pretty maids all in a row by Jennie Fresa & W Salon.
Gorgeous tents filled with ikat splendor by Sperry Tents.
Last but not least...
The ever fabulous Miss Adrienne from Ruffles & Tweed who made magic happen..
You rocked it kid!!

Thank you Amy & Tim..
For letting us do what we love to do...

oh..p.s....I spy with my little eye a paper designer..
can you find her?


  1. I LOVE how you write! Can't wait to see the whole post you do!

  2. Yay can't wait to hear the story! Such a great honor to be on Style Me Pretty.

  3. Amazing - love all of it. To have substance and glitter at the same time, well that my friend is the measure of true honest character! Well done.

  4. the best is the picture of you!!!