Thursday, March 14, 2013


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You guessed it..
I am now the proud parent of a teenager...

The fact that he is technically 91 makes it a little Benjamin Buttonish..
without being too creepy..
I have decided that he is MY teenager...
And what a perfect one he is..

He doesn't talk back...
He still loves to snuggle...
He never gets embarrassed by his parents..
He is always happy to see us..
He never asks to take the car...
He never complains about our cooking..
He loves to go on family outings
He never breaks his curfew..
 if my other two boys will be just like him..
Then the teen years will be an absolute breeze!

So tonight..
The Tall One has cooked an amazing steak dinner for us..
Luckily, all my boys are serious carnivores..
 so this dinner will be gobbled up in no time..

Mr. H has asked for a new collar this year..
It is one of his favorite gifts to receive..
Who knew that the puppy who once bucked liked a bronco when we tried to put it on him...
 would a older gentleman, carry it around his mouth begging to have it put back on..

Finding collars for boys that are part American Staffordshire and part Wesson is quite tricky..

Mr. H decided to put together a few of his new favorite collars for all of you...

I can only imagine that he has already been hitting up the Easter Bunny to bring a few more... 
1. Kiss My Mutt "Nautical" & "Sea Anchor" at Pet Smart
2. Waterproof Collar at L.L. Bean
3. Mimi Green "Louie" & "Apple" Collars
6.Kiss My Mutt "Cape Cod" & "Barcelona Mar" at Pet Smart
7. Lands End Canvas Collar

Happy Birthday Mr. H!!
We love you so...
We are forever grateful each year that we have you in our lives!!
YOU will make 13 a lucky number!!

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