Friday, March 1, 2013

Bunny Bunny...Rabbit Rabbit...

Image by Bunny Spice
Added design by Chocolate Creative Design

There is nothing better than a skateboard, a pair of chucks, a bunny and the dream of 20 days till Spring to start a new month right!!

As a child, my father used to whisper in my ear..
 "Bunny Bunny Rabbit Rabbit
during the early morning of each new month.
Luckily one can take that literally as the Easter Bunny will be hippity hopping down our trail in just 30 short days...

I thought maybe this year the Easter Bunny might not be making his stop at our antiquated farmhouse...
Thankfully someone (besides myself) is super deliciously excited for his arrival..
That my friends is a true gift..
Making this years Easter..
The best one yet..

Speaking of gifts..
Have you heard about Ollie the Rabbit?
It's a fabulous love story about a girl and rabbit..
The girl saved Ollie's life from a ferocious snake and the two have been inseperable ever since..

As you can see from the image above...
Both love skateboarding..
You can check out Ollie on 

I bet they get THE best Easter baskets EVER!!   

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