Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Typeface.....Eggtastic!

Image from Martha Stewart

So many eggs...so little time...

There are colorful ones...
1. Lil Luna    2.  Family Circle    3.  Rachel Ray    4.  Readers Digest

There are delicate ones..
Monogram Glass Eggs at Pottery Barn Monogram Egg Place Setting at BHG

There are rustic ones...
Wood Eggs from Terrain

There are ornate ones...
Custom Monogrammed Duck Egg at Twisted Poppy on Etsy

There are vintage ones....
Newspaper Egg from Tinis Vita Hem    Monogram Egg from One Perfect Room

and there are ones that even Martha wouldn't tackle....
Crossstitch Egg image by Britta Matzat

So I guess the question is..
What kind of egg are you?

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