Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Weekend!!!!

Image by Chocolate Creative Design

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Miss Ice Cube decided to join the party after all!!
Thankfully just in time as the weather took a turn this morning and all my ladies woke up with a glittery white coat and finally said goodbye..

 Baseball season ended last evening...
I am so proud of the Monster who has turned into quite the baseball player!
Who knew that all those years of rock throwing would morph my magical little beast into a stellar pitcher!!
Baseball fever is NOT over..
I do happen to have a house full of Red Sox fans (much to my chagrin) and the Tall One is sporting quite the beard proving his allegiance!!

Days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder..
and I am feverishly trying to wrap up a rather delicious Save the Date...
I will definitely find the time to celebrate..

Image by Chocolate Creative Design
 someones 5th month birthday starting tomorrow..

Time is sure flying fast my friends...
We still need to grab a bit of Fall before it disappears..
Clyde's Cider Donuts
Jumping in leaf piles
Decorating pumpkins
Long walks on the beach
Admiring Mother Nature's last colorful hurrah before a long winter's sleep..
Be Safe, Pick a Pumpkin and Have a Great Weekend!!


  1. Beautiful Dahlia and have a fabulous weekend ... Ive never had Clyde Cider Donuts so will be venturing your way for a weekday escape.

  2. ohhhh there's some serious dahlias up in here tonight! {D party tomorrow!}