Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy Weekend!!

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Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

The boys are gearing up...
Polishing the trophy, organizing their tackle boxes, ordering up the eels and preparing the coffee and hot chocolate as it's gonna be a long long night...
A night under a full moon...a Hunter's Moon to be exact..
Supposedly the word on the street is that there will be a penunmbral lunar eclipse.
There will also be laughter, family, good food and maybe even a teeny tiny bit of frustration...
with perseverance and patience..
the possibilities are endless....

I cannot tell a lie..
I am extremely biased...
I am rooting for my Little Fish Whisperer...
 Bring it Home Monster..
Bring it Home..

Even if the trophy doesn't come back home...
I think maybe it's about time to creatively display their wares..
 Image via House to Home

 Speaking of Big Fishes....
and perseverance and patience..
under the light of a Full Moon..
an amazing movie will be opening..
a movie in which..
my gorgeously super deliciously talented cousin, Jay Huguley,
just so happens to have a role in..
How wonderfully dreamy...
Jay at the 12 Years a Slave premiere
Photo by Brian To

I am so over the moon for him..
I am doing cartwheels upon cartwheels..

Being a creative is a tough job...
Giving up so much of oneself is a taxing life..
2013 definitely seems to be HIS year as I have already seen him in Treme, Nashville and next Tuesday..
Wait for it..
Wait for it..

So perserve and be patient my friends...
Dreams DO come true...

Be Safe, Get OUT and see 12 Years a Slave and Have a Great Weekend!!

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