Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Weekend!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!! 

The Northeast has had a simply glorious first week of Fall..
There is absolutely nothing to complain about with temperatures reaching up into the mid 80's.
With that said..
The cutting garden is still hanging in there and is bursting with brilliant shades of pink, orange, yellow, red, purple and white..

Back in May, I spoke about a beautiful brown paper box that had just arrived from White Flower Farm containing one of my obsessions..

 7 types to be a exact..
A week full of Dahlias..

So here we go folks..
the fruits of my labor...
Image by Chocolate Creative Design

 I honestly can't believe that they ALL survived!!
I created a little cheat sheet for all you Dahlia lovers..

Gorgeous pinks that change as it blooms. Doesn't need staking. Medium in height and flower. Not a huge amount of blooms.

Karma Corona
This is the only Dahlia that wasn't the same color as in the brochure. Very Tall. Definitely needs staking. Medium in bloom size and a generous amount of blooms.

American Dawn
One of my favorites. Colors range from brilliant oranges to muted shades of pink. Large in size and bloom. Generous amount of blooms. Needs staking.

Kenora Jubilee
The largest in everything...Height, bloom size and the amount of blooms.. The blooms can get to be the size of a baby's head..
Stands tall and proud and doesn't need staking.

Thomas Edison
Very short in plant stature..Blooms droop a bit but absolutely stunning in color.

The MOST beautiful..
Very very delicate blooms..Not as generous in the amount of blooms.
First to open.

I knew you guys were too smart for your own good...
Yes, there are only 6 Dahlias in the image above..
Lucky Number 7, Miss Ice Cube,
has been a bit shy and I am eagerly awaiting her arrival..
If she looks anything like her picture..
I know that I'll be the happiest gardener in town..
 Image by White Flower Farm

I am already planning next year's additions...
Apparently the early bird gets the tuber at White Flower Farm..
Maybe a few Cafe au Laits would do the trick..

It just goes to show you..
Take a chance, try something new...
There are truly beautiful and amazing things that await..
If only you let go of the fear

Be Safe, Plant a Tuber and Have a Great Weekend!!


  1. How GORGEOUS! Happy weekend, and here's hoping Miss Ice Cube opens up soon!

  2. Gorgeous--I LOVE dahlias and wish we could grow them here (deer)--they were our WEDDING FLOWER from a dahlia farm at our Sept 9 wedding 13 years ago! Sigh!