Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Weekend!!!

Image via Hermes

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

It's official..
I now live in an igloo...
Even though the first day of Spring is only one month away...
it seems like light years..
Cold, ice, wind, rain and snow has taken its toll on us
New Englanders..
Much like an indoor plant...
I find myself moving and stretching to find the light and possibly a bit of sun to my raise my spirit..
Mr. G does just that for me..
He has become a snow dog..
I think perhaps he believes he could mush with the best of them..
Romping, jumping and even smiling through at least a foot of snow and never giving up even though it hinders his daily duties..
His persistence, joy and courage warms my heart and seems to melt all that wicked ice away..
I find my self daydreaming of his first Spring..
The feeling of new grass, emerging crocuses through the soft earth, strange new little creatures awakening in the garden, the songs of birds in the trees and the sweet sweet air perfumed with flowering trees..
Sounds heavenly right?!
But he is teaching me to be in the now...
to find light when it seems only to be dark..
to find warmth when it seems only to be cold..
to find joy when it seems only to be melancholy..

Be Safe, Make a Snow Angel and Have a Great Weekend!!

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  1. My mom sent me a photo of her new little cottage in Rhode Island and I couldn't BELIEVE how much snow there was–stay warm and joyful!